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The Great British Sunday Roast - Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Posted Wednesday 18th April 2018

Our counters are filled with free range Gloucester Old Spot Pork from coastal Suffolk. All the pigs in the breeding and finishing herds have the freedom to roam outside in paddocks for the whole of their lives. These pigs are reared by traditional methods using no additives or growth promoters and have a longer, stress free life, which significantly improves the quality of fine-grained meat, full of flavour.

Pork provides some of the tastiest meat, not least because of the uniquely fatty nature of many of the cuts and provides the unique delight of roast pork…the crackling, a gastronomic delight that only nature herself (with the help of a very hot oven) could possibly have created. Classics include Shoulder, Loin, Belly & Leg.

Shoulder is a great, low cost family roasting joint that is delicious when slow-cooked for succulent meat that falls off the bone.

Loin is a prime cut, considered one of the best for roasting, providing lean, tasty meat.

Belly is a classic fatty cut that makes it succulent, sticky and full of delicious flavour. Our butchers will prepare you a flat piece, rolled and secured for roasting.

Pork Leg is one of the leaner cuts of pork and is often deboned, stuffed and rolled.

For friends and family at the weekend take it slow and set the temperature low! For a roast full of flavour I’d cook pork shoulder with the bone in. Ask our Butchers to score the skin and before you put this into a piping hot oven, rub with salt crystals and oil. Look for roasting guide times on our website.

Roast Pork can be enjoyed with a wide variety of wines and our recommendations include a brilliant Burgundy by Louis Jardot Coteaux Bourguignons made with Gamay and Pinot Noir or our Felicette Grenache Blanc (with a little Viognier in there too).



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