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Label Anglais Chickens - The Story

Posted Monday 29th April 2019

Our farming technique on our local farms in Dorset and Wiltshire is influenced by the very successful methods set-up by grass root farmers in France back in the 1960’s.  They called it Label Rouge Poultry and it was an approach to farming that used traditional free-range production methods, respected animal welfare and protected the environment.

We have harnessed all of those amazing farming techniques from the French approach in our Label Anglais chickens and pushed it even further still. 

Today, we’ve moved our latest brood of 5-week old chicks using a new modern farming technique called Brood and Move. We do this to keep their environment super clean so that the birds remain healthy with no need for antibiotics, a huge benefit for not only the bird’s wellbeing but also our customers’ when they go on to enjoy the superior quality of the meat.

The chicks have been on the same site since day one, but will now be moved to their new free-range housing 5 miles away.  We do this for every new brood and they continue to be kept in their small same age groups, in large shaded, grassy areas throughout their lives.

They also enjoy a rather wholesome and delicious diet of whole maize and oats that travel all the way from our neighbouring farm – right next door!  This is a hugely important part of our farming method, not only for the nutritional benefit of our birds, but also in supporting the local farming community and environment.

Our chickens enjoy a 100% plant based diet, free from artificial sugars and only supplemented by pea protein.  At 7 weeks old we introduce whole apples for the chickens to peck at that really enriches their diet.

So that’s our latest brood of birds comfortably moved in to their new home and dinner served! 

For us, it’s always about our birds first and we find the rest happens naturally.



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