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Maximise Your Meat Mojo

Posted Monday 8th April 2019

For all the nutrients you get when you serve up a meaty meal, there are 3 big ones that are worth getting to know a little better. Make the right selection at the Butcher’s counter and you’ll be feeling that extra mojo from the food you eat.

Protein is an obvious one to mention, but it’s the high quality complete nature of the protein in meat that makes the difference. It’s packed full of different Amino Acids that the body needs to grow, repair and maintain good health and is significant to aiding metabolism. Most meat types tick the box for protein, but rabbit is a particularly good choice (low in fat and high in potassium and iron), venison steaks, chicken chipolatas, chicken breast and lean British steak mince for delicious meat cuts that are high in protein value. 

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Iron is needed in our diet to fight off fatigue and support the immune system. Different foods contain different forms of iron and the heme iron found in red meat has a high biological value that means it’s well absorbed by the body. Remember red meat, so often thought of as just beef, also includes lamb and most cuts of pork and game meat, that in themselves offer a range of different nutritional benefits.

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Vitamin B-12 also helps to keep energy levels up by supporting the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen around every part of the body. It’s an essential nutrient only found in animal food sources, particularly in beef, liver and kidney.

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As always, less is more. The benefits of high welfare and natural farming methods are carried through into our own diet. Choose quality over quantity to maximise the nutritional benefits of the food you eat. Ask our Butchers for more advice.



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