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Sausage Base Mix

Breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour (calcium carbonate, iron, niacin & thiamine), salt, yeast), salt, spice extracts, HVP (hydrolysed vegetable protein), leek powder, Stabilizer (E450) - diphosphate obtained from animal bones, Flavour Enhancer (E621) - from tapioca – treated by the body like other naturally occurring glutamates found in meat, fish, milk, and many vegetables, sugar, PRESERVATIVE E223 – Sodium METABISULPHATE (as found in Beer, Wine, Soft drinks, Dried fruit, Juices, Cordials, Vinegar and potato products), onion powder, SPICE (White pepper), yeast extract, herb extract, citric acid (naturally occurs in citrus fruit), Antioxidants (E300) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - without natural antioxidants our sausages would change to a brown/grey colour very quickly, even though still fresh, Colour E120 – Cochineal (obtained from Cochineal scales).

All ingredients are approved for safe use in food products and most are naturally occurring. Quantities used are well below EU recommendations. There are NO Nitrates or Nitrites contained in our sausages. Our sausages have a three to four-day life, unlike other sausages you can buy from large manufacturers that can be on the shelf for weeks. The reason their products hold so long is due to the higher amount of additives used and most are gas-flushed in their packaging.

All of the pork used in our sausages is Blythburgh Free-Range pork, born & reared at St Margaret’s Farm in Suffolk or Free-Range Gloucester Old Spot Pork, it’s then minced here on our premises by our butchers, and filled into natural hog casings or sheep casings for our chipolatas. All of the beef used in our beef burgers, beef sausages and mince is born and reared in UK then minced here on our premises by our own butchers. The cut typically used is referred to as “clod” and is from the neck end of the carcass. Off cuts from some finer cuts also go into the mince – you lucky people!

Sausages Ingredients (Allergens in BOLD)
  • Classic Pork (& Chipolata) – Pork + Base Mix
  • Chicken Chipolata – Chicken + Base Mix
  • Game – Game Meat + Base Mix + Garlic + Juniper Berries + Thyme + Oranges
  • Pork & Leek – Pork + Base Mix+ Dried Leek & Cracked Black Pepper
  • Pork & Apple – Pork + Base Mix+ Dried Apple, Dried green Pepper
  • Cumberland – Pork + Base Mix+ Dried Sage & Cracked Black Pepper
  • Royale – Pork + Base Mix+ Dried Mixed Italian Herbs
  • Toulouse – Veal & Pork + Base Mix+ White Wine, Garlic, Parsley, White pepper, Nutmeg, Thyme
  • Pork & Fennel – Pork + Base Mix+ Fennel Seed, Garlic, Chilli Powder
  • Merguez – NO BASE MIX– Beef & Lamb + Paprika, Dried Red Pepper, Chilli Powder, Bullifisch (binder), Salt, Dextrose, Antioxidant (E300)
  • Wild Boar & Apple Sausage - Total meat content 75%, Wild Boar, Sow, Pork, apples & juice 17%, rusk 3% (prepared from: WHEATflour, salt, raising agents(E350(ii)), seasoning 3%(salt, rusk (WHEAT flour, salt), flavourings, stabiliser(E451(ii)), flavour enhancers (E621, E631), preservative (SULPHITES), spices, antioxidant (E300), spice extract), filled using natural hog cases.
  • Wild Venison & Red Wine Sausage - Wild Venison 74%, rusk 10% (prepared from WHEATflour, salt, raising agent (E503(ii)) water 6%, red wine 6%, seasoning 3%(salt, WHEAT flour, dextrose, stabiliser (E451(I)), preservative (SULPHITES), flavourings, spice, antioxidant (E300), spice extracts, herb extracts), filled using natural hog cases. (Game may contain shot)
  • Chicken & Apricot Sausages - Chicken 61%, apricots & juice 26%, rusk 9% prepared from: WHEATflour, salt, raising agent (E503(ii)), seasoning (salt, sugar, stabiliser(E451(i)), dextrose, flavouring, preservative (SULPHITES), WHEAT flour, antioxidant (E300), spice extracts, sunflower oil, anti-caking agent (E551), honey powders), filled using natural hog cases
  • Boerewors Sausage - Beef 64%, Pork 25%, seasoning 4% (salt, dextrose, WHEATflour, stabiliser (E451(i)), flavour enhancer (E621), preservative (SULPHITES), flavourings, spice, MALTODEXTRIN, antioxidants (E304(I) E307), spice extract, acid (E330), white wine vinegar, filled using natural hog cases


Beef Burger Base Mix (Allergens in BOLD)

WHEAT Flour (WHEAT Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin) (30-40%), Rusk [prepared from: WHEAT Flour (WHEAT Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Salt, Raising Agent (E503(ii))] (10-20%), Salt (10-20%), SOYA Protein (5-10%), Dried ONION (2-5%), Spices (Black Pepper, Ginger, White Pepper) (2-5%), Flavour Enhancer (E621) (2-5%), PRESERVATIVE (E221) (<2%), Propylene Glycol (E1520) (<2%), Antioxidant (E301) (<2%), Colour (E120) (<2%).

Chicken Burger Base Mix (Allergens in BOLD)

Rusk (fortified WHEAT flour (calcium carbonate, iron niacin, thiamine)) salt, raising agent E503(ii)), Salt, Dextrose, Tapioca, Starch, Spices (white pepper, fennel), onion Powder, PRESERVATIVE E221, Herbs (sage, bay, thyme, oregano), Yeast Extract, Garlic Powder, Antioxidant E301, Herb Extract,  sweet peppers, herbs (CELERY leaf, parsley, chives)

Lamb Burger and Kofta Kebab Base Mix (Allergens in BOLD)

Breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour (calcium carbonate, iron, niacin & thiamine), water, salt, yeast), Salt, Starch, Spices (Cumin, White Pepper, Coriander, Black Pepper, Clove), Dried Garlic (6%), Dried Onion (4%), Dried Herbs (parsley, mint), yeast extract (yeast extract, salt), preservative (Sodium MetabiSULPHITE), Antioxidant (Sodium Ascorbate), Natural Spearmint Flavouring. May contain traces of: SOYA, MILK, CELERY, MUSTARD, sweet peppers, herbs (CELERY leaf, parsley, chives)


Breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, yeast, salt), sweet peppers, herbs (CELERY leaf, parsley, chives)



75% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (bell pepper, onion, garlic), salt, spices (peppers, jalapeño pepper, chillies, cumin), maltodextrin, natural flavourings, paprika concentrate, smoked maltodextrin, herbs.


78% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (onion, garlic), salt, spices (pepper, caraway seed, paprika, cumin), herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary), natural flavourings, paprika concentrate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


77% vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (garlic, onion), salt, natural flavourings, peppers, herbs (chives, dill, parsley, tarragon, rosemary), turmeric extract.


78% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (garlic, bell pepper, tomato), salt, spices (peppers, 1% chillies, paprika, jalapeño pepper, cumin), natural flavourings, paprika concentrate, herbs, acids: citric acid.


65.4% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), plant fibre (root), spices (star anise, pepper, cinnamon, liquorice root, fennel seed, cloves, ginger, aniseed), salt, vegetables (spring onion, garlic, onion, tomato), beetroot extract, natural flavouring, paprika concentrate.


38% water, prune paste (39% prunes, water, sugar, gelling agent: pectins, preservative: potassium sorbate, MODIFIED MAIZE STARCH), inverted sugar syrup, WORCESTER SAUCE (water, glucosesyrup, vinegar, HYDROLYSED SOYA and MAIZE PROTEIN, salt, sugar, natural flavouring, herbs, spices [contains MUSTARD], acid: citric acid, preservative: sodium benzoate, garlic extract, onion, sunflower oil), sugar, spices (paprika, pepper, ginger, CORIANDER, chillies, aniseed, nutmeg), salt, HYDROLYSED SOYA and MAIZE PROTEINMODIFIED MAIZE STARCH, vegetables (garlic, onion), flavourings, stabilisers: carrageenan and xanthan gum, vinegar, dextrose, acids: lactic acid and citric acid.


Sugar, Acids (Sodium Diacetate, Malic Acid), Dried Glucose Syrup, Modified Starch, Salt, Dried Mint (3.6%), Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Salt), Dried Tomato, Natural Flavouring, Colours (Paprika Extract and Natural Rosemary Flavouring, Curcumin), Thickeners (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Natural Garden Mint Flavouring. May contain traces of: GLUTENSOYAMILKCELERYMUSTARDSULPHUR DIOXIDE.


73% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, lineseed), salt, spices (paprika, chillies, cumin), glucose syrup, flavourings, vegetables (garlic, onion, paprika), colouring: paprika extract, herbs, SMOKED MALTODEXTRIN, smoke flavouring.


75% vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, ROASTED SESAME, linseed), sea salt, spices (cumin, paprika, 1,75% chillies), vegetables (bell pepper, roasted garlic), NATURAL FLAVOURINGS (contains BARLEY), herbs (huacatay leaves, oregano, chervil, CORIANDER leaves), preservative: sodium diacetate, paprika concentrate, smoke flavouring.


Vegetable fat (vegetable oil, vegetable fat) (rape, palm), Spices, Salt, Sugar, Whisky, Bell pepper, Spice extract, Caramel sugar, Smoke flavour.


70% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), vegetables (spring onion, garlic, bell pepper), spices (allspice, chillies, jalapeño pepper, smoked paprika, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon), salt, cane sugar, natural flavourings, paprika concentrate, orange peels, 0,3% herbs (thyme).


75% vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), SPICES (CORIANDER, lemon grass, cumin, chillies, ginger, pepper, dill seed), salt, vegetables (garlic, spinach), turmeric extract, dill, lemon juice concentrate, black quinoa.


78% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (onion, bell pepper, garlic, leek), salt, spices (turmeric, pepper, paprika, chillies, ginger, CORIANDER, cardamom, cumin), natural flavourings, herbs, turmeric extract.


68% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), spices (cumin, pepper, chillies, smoked paprika, CORIANDER, jalapeño pepper), salt, vegetables (tomato, garlic, onion), sugar, natural flavourings, herbs, paprika concentrate, dextrose, lemon juice concentrate, acids: citric acid.


Maltodextrin, Sugar, Starch, Spices (Paprika, Cumin, Coriander, Cayenne, Turmeric, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon), Salt, Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Salt), Dried Herbs (Mint, Parsley), Dried Onion, Dried Garlic, Acid (Citric Acid), Colour (Paprika Extract), Natural Flavourings, Olive Oil, CORIANDER, Red Onions


70% vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), salt, flavourings, spices (SESAME SEED, pepper, cinnamon, fennel seed, cloves, aniseed), SOYA SAUCE POWDER (SOYA BEANSWHEAT, salt, maltodextrin), vegetables (spinach, onion, leek), paprika concentrate.


73% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), sugar, herbs (4% spearmint, parsley, 1% rosemary, 0,4% green mint), salt, spinach, flavourings, preservative: sodium acetates.


Beef Bourguignon Pie

Beef Chuck, Bacon (Pork 84%, salt, Antioxidant(E301), Preservative (E252, E250)), Silverskin Onions, Red Wine’ Button Mushrooms, Gravy thickener – (potato starch, maltodextrin, palm oil, salt, WHEAT flour (with added calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Colour (E150c), Sugar, flavourings (contain BARLEY), flavour enhancers (E621, E635), emulsifier (E322) (contains SOYA)), Black Pepper, Pastry – (WHEAT flour, vegetable fats and oils (palm, rapeseed), water, salt, flour treatment agent: L-cysteine), Pasteurised EGG yolk (to seal pastry)

Chicken, Mushroom and Tarragon Pie

Chicken Breast, Onions, Flat mushrooms, Button mushrooms, Tarragon, Unsalted Butter (pasteurized butter 82% fat (cream(may contain MILK), lactic starters)), Plain flour (WHEAT flour (WHEAT- with added Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin)), Chicken stock (chicken bones, carrot, onion, leek, herbs), UHT cream (cream 35%fat, Stabilizer E407), Salt, Black pepper, Pastry – (WHEAT flour, vegetable fats and oils (palm, rapeseed), water, salt, flour treatment agent: L-cysteine), Pasteurised EGG yolk (to seal pastry)

Minced Beef and Onion Pie

Beef Mince, Onion, Gravy thickener (potato starch, maltodextrin, palm oil, salt, WHEAT flour (with added Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), flavouring (contain MILK), sugar, flavour enhancers (E621, E635), Colour (E150c), emulsifier (E322) (contains SOYA)), Salt, Black pepper, Pastry – (WHEAT flour, vegetable fats and oils (palm, rapeseed), water, salt, flour treatment agent: L-cysteine), Pasteurised EGG yolk (to seal pastry)



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