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The Great British Sunday Roast - New Season Lamb

Posted Wednesday 11th April 2018

Have you feasted on the delights of New Season Lamb? Succulent and tender, New Season Lamb is under a year old, typically born in late winter and once finished with their mother’s milk they feed on the new spring grass. It is this diet that gives such a delicate taste and texture, paler pinker flesh and softer whiter fat. This fat coverage enhances the succulence and flavour of the lamb during cooking.

Hogget is lamb over one and no more than two years old, is more mature and has a deeper, richer colour and flavour. Both are great roasters so there is no right choice. Lamb offers superb roasting joints. The Shoulder, Loin, Leg and Rack of Lamb are all family favourites.

Shoulder is packed with flavour. It’s bought either off the bone or as a half or whole shoulder feeding up to 6 people.

Loin can be cooked on the bone for extra flavour or boned and rolled so you can stuff it at home before tying and roasting.

Leg is one of the most popular cuts for roasting. It can be bought as a whole or half either on or off the bone. For a big family gathering it’s hard to beat, studded with garlic & rosemary and rubbed with a couple of finely chopped anchovy fillets.

Rack is a prime cut and a whole one will consist of eight ribs, either French trimmed or not. It should be roasted until pink or medium and is great coated in a seasoned crust before roasting.

For help with roasting times, click here

To make the most of the new season's Spring Lamb, you can order a half Lamb Box online which features a selection of different cuts for you to freeze and then cook.

Whilst the meat is always the star of the show, selecting the ideal vegetables and accompaniments really helps make the meal. Marinated artichokes, feta cheese, black olives, roast red peppers and aubergines all work wonderfully with succulent lamb dishes and are available at our counters. Add spring vegetables such as new potatoes and French beans and of course, don’t forget mint sauce!

No roast is complete without the perfect glass of wine to accompany it and we recommend a good quality Pinot Noir, like our Loire Valley choice by Joseph Mellot, or our delicious and versatile Chianti Riserva, Baccio, DOCG from the heart of Tuscany, each of which is perfectly suited to a Roast Lamb lunch or supper.



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