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The Great British Sunday Roast - Free Range Chickens

Posted Wednesday 18th April 2018

We offer three outstanding choices of free-range chicken, all of which are excellent roasters, providing superb yield and exceptional flavour.

Our Herb Fed Chickens from the pastures at the foot of the Hambleton Hills in North Yorkshire are fed on a locally produced corn-based diet, free from growth promoters or drugs. The birds peck through stacks of basil, chives, dill, coriander and rocket leaves, resulting in a pre-seasoned and delicious meal.

Packington Chickens from Blakenhall Park in Staffordshire are housed in small sheds, with plenty of warm bedding, heating, and ventilation, fed on a maize and omega 3 enriched diet, which adds a creamy colour to the birds and enhances the flavour. The omega 3 further increases the birds welfare and the birds are free from any growth promoters or antibiotics. The birds roam free during the day on established English pastures consisting of grasses and clovers, in the evening they must be brought in to protect them from night time predators such as foxes.

Sutton Hoo Chickens are a traditional slow growing breed that roam freely on 40 acres of pasture overlooking the River Deben. They live in small groups and shelter from the elements in mobile houses that have no artificial lighting and are naturally ventilated. Their playground is the tussocky grassland at Sutton Hoo. From about two weeks of age the chicks venture outside to enjoy exploring under Suffolk’s vast open skies. From then on, all feeding takes place outside by hand with additional nutrients foraged from the surrounding vegetation.

Roasting a good quality chicken doesn’t take much. The natural fats and flavours of the skin and carcass do most of the work and you’ll need to add no more than a good seasoning with salt and ground pepper along with a drizzle of olive oil. A sprig of fresh thyme or rosemary and a few cloves of garlic placed in the cavity of the bird during roasting will add flavour too.

Our top tip...don’t overcook! If you haven’t got one, then buy a meat thermostat (place it in the inner thigh area near the breast of the bird) so that you can see when the joint has reached 73 °C. Cover with foil and allow to rest for 20 minutes. A simple roasting guide can be seen on our website.

Don’t forget the accompaniments. Ask our Butchers to advise on you on the best stuffing, gravy, stock, sauces and fresh herbs to serve with your Chicken as they make all the difference. We have oven ready roast potatoes and fresh vegetables to complete your perfect Roast.

We have a delicious Viognier, IGP Pays D'Oc, Mont Rocher for an easy and irresistible wine match and we also love our new Sancerre Rosé, Domaine Picard for a top quality, excellent value alternative.



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