• Free-Range Pork Loin (on the bone) stuffed with Macsween Haggis (allow approx 300g per person) – We have done this bit for you!
  • Mashed potato – mashed with a little, warm double cream & butter after cooking
  • Mashed Neeps - mash turnip, swede & carrot (for colour) together, in whatever ratio you prefer
  • Onion Gravy- perfect ready-made Kent’s Kitchen gravy, add a splash of whisky at the end to brighten things up


Cook the Pork & Haggis as a roasting joint and enjoy the crisp crackling, rest for 10-15mins before carving so you don’t lose that all important juice from the meat.

Finish the mashed Neeps with a knob of unsalted butter & a little chopped parsley – season to taste.

Ensure your mashed potato is velvety smooth - season to taste.

Plate or self serve as required.

Spoon over with the rich onion gravy.