A few days ago we had an update on the new goslings just arrived on Herons Farm in Essex.  This farm is run by the Blackwells, who have been rearing poultry from the farm since the 1930’s. They set up the Rare Breed Meat Company in 2004 providing butchers with high quality locally sourced meat that can be provided to us with full provenance back to source.

Just under 2,000 goslings arrived onto the Farm at the end of April.  For the first 3 weeks they lived indoors to keep warm and safe while they developed their bone and muscle structure.   As soon as they were strong enough to survive ambient temperatures outdoors in the paddocks they ventured out.

The geese are now out in the paddock running around enjoying the fresh air and getting all the richness they need from the fresh grass, of which they have plenty. At night they are brought safely back indoors, away from predators in a big open straw barn.

After about 8-10 weeks these growing geese will be moved into a new paddock for lots of fresh new grass and a new space to enjoy.

Watch this space as it won’t be long before the farm welcomes its Turkeys.