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Sausage Making Classes

Posted Tuesday 9th May 2017

One-off cookery classes come in many different guises. A serious teach-in, try & taste and roll-up-your-sleeves & get-messy are just a few possibilities. A sausage-making class at The Hampstead Butcher & Providore definitely falls into the last category! It’s hands-on down to the butcher’s block.

In the tiled-lined basement, under the patient tutelage of a professional butcher and suitably clad in a butcher’s pinny, you get to mince, add the seasoning (a choice of five and pre-mixed for an easier life), prepare the skins and then stuff them with the sausage meat. This is where the fun begins, piping through the mixture without blowing the skins is not easy; but if you thought that was challenging, it’s nothing compared to learning how to twist and twist again the coils into individual sausages and then into the traditional butchers’ formation.

It’s hard to master but no-one will be worried. And the best bit, you get to take the sausages home – all four or so kilos. So be warned unless you are into freezing big time, organise a sausage party. Your friends will be salivating over the sausages’ juicy deliciousness.

Cost - £250 for two

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