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Posted Tuesday 7th February 2017

Butchery is a skill that not only requires good and careful use of a very sharp knife (hence the chain glove!) but also really knowing your meat.

Every cut of meat has its virtues; fat content, taste, cooking time and style...the list goes on.  Being able to identify a cut of meat and prepare it correctly helps any budding chef to cook it up into a really tasty meal that also maximises all the meat and has little waste.

Our butchers have been slicing and dicing meat for decades.  They can tell you all you need to know about which part of the cow, sheep or pig your meat cut has come from, what style of cooking will bring out the best flavour in the meat and how to prepare it!

When a piece of meat is put down in front of you it’s hard to know what you’re looking at, shoulder, leg, rump or otherwise!  Let alone what bit to cut away and which bit to keep. Come along to one of our classes and you won’t be throwing much away at all! There’s a use for everything.

Have a go at releasing the ribs from a Pork Rack for wonderfully tasty ready to cook spare ribs, to then be left with a beautiful pork loin for roasting. Or debone and trim a loin of Lamb ready for stuffing and rolling or slicing into noisettes for a great quick pan-frying treat.

For slow-cooking, preparing your own Oxtail takes some know-how, slicing in just the right place between each bone. For the ultimate in preparing your own breakfast – make your own sausages! Right down to choosing the ingredients from our shop, mixing the sausage meat and then filling your own pork casings (always a lot of fun!) there is no fresher (or impressive!) way to enjoy your sausage sandwich the next day.

Swot up in time for BBQ season too by learning how to spatchcock a chicken.  Marinaded with fresh summer herbs and zesty spices, it’s the ultimate way to enjoy chicken cooked over the coals.

Find out more about our Butchery and Sausage Making Classes and book your place online on our website.



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