If you take your Barbecuing seriously then you are going to love this.  Down in the Surrey countryside this bank holiday August, teams from across the UK will be fighting it out to be crowned the Master of the Meat at The Big Meat BBQ & Music Festival.

Of course, this is right up our street so when one of the teams came to us and asked if we could source specific cuts and types of meat for the event we were very interested. Kev and Joe's team goes under the title "Hog, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" and they can also be followed on their Instagram feed @HogStockBBQ. Personally I prefer the name "The Two Brisketeers" but that fell on deaf ears. (Other meat puns are NOT welcome!)

For serious smoking and barbecuing, grain fed Aussie meat is apparently what is needed according to our experts. With practice well underway Kev and Joe cooked up this whole brisket at the weekend, sourced on one of our daily trips to London’s Smithfield Market.

The brisket is made up of two muscle groups with a layer of fat separating them.  ‘The Flat’ is leaner, beautifully tender and it slices easily. ‘The Point End’ is a bit fattier making it juicy and full of flavour. This is cut into cubes and is known as the ‘burnt ends’ although they are not actually burnt.  The more gnarly bits off the edges get chopped up and put into the Pit Beans, also known as Cowboy or Ranchero Beans. This meat feast is best served up with the pit beans, a fresh coleslaw made by their very own Debbie McGee and a good chunk of crusty bread, all washed down with a chilled Hells Lager from our friends at the Camden Town Brewery.

For Kev’s favourite Pit Beans recipe take a look at this then add some burnt bits and chipotle peppers in Adobo Sauce #toptip!

Pulled Pork Butt is being prepared for 100 people at a practice event for Kev and Joe later this summer and we have some interesting and new meat cuts to source.  We’ll keep you updated.