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How to Prepare a Gammon Joint

Posted Wednesday 10th February 2021

Our hams (cooked and off the bone) are cured using the finest English outside-reared pork. These beautiful hams make a wonderful alternative or addition to roast meats on your table. Our Gammons are green, cured, uncooked and off the bone.

Weigh your Gammon to calculate cooking times. 

  • Put the meat in a large pan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil, adding any flavourings you may wish e.g. cinnamon, bay, peppercorns, coriander seeds and onion. 
  • Cook for 30 mins per 450g/1lb, periodically skimming and discarding any white froth that comes to the surface.
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool in the stock, drain, then chill, serve as required.

If baking your Gammon continue as follows;.

  • Drain, reserving the stock if you like, leave to cool a little. Remove the top layer of skin, leaving a thin layer of fat around the meat.
  • Score the fat, then brush with the glaze of your choice – a mixture of maple syrup and coarse-grain mustard is good. You can stud the fat with cloves too. 
  • Place in a foil-lined roasting tin and bake at 220C/fan 200C for 20-30 mins (based on a 5kg ham) or until the glaze is golden



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