All of our game is wild and free-roaming and comes from the heart of our glorious British countryside. Game is one of the healthiest meats you can eat; low in cholesterol and fat and full of flavour.

The following produce is usually available in our cabinets throughout the game season but to be certain please order 2 working days in advance online or by speaking with one of our butchers on 020 7794 9210.


October 1st - February 1st


Now available all year


September 1st – January 31st

Wild Rabbit

Available all year with the best size from July to December

Teal (wild duck)

September 1st – January 31st


December 1st to 31st

Wood pigeon

April - December


August - February


August 12th - 1st week December

Partridge - Grey legged

September 1st - February 1st

Partridge - Red legged

September 1st - February 1st


Our venison is from the Marks Hall Estate in Essex and the surrounding area.


October 1st - January 31st